Lounge Furniture

Rain productions exclusive lounge furniture. Furniture for a clean and sophisticated look.

No event, however big or small, is complete without comfortable, modern lounge seating for guests. Pre-reception drinks seating at weddings; cocktail and smoking lounges at corporate events or chill-out lounges at birthday parties can elevate a run-of-the-mill event to one to make a lasting impression.

From show stopper Loop chairs and space savvy ottomans, to functional Trilux benches that seat up to 6 guests at a time, we carry a large and varied range of lounge furniture for hire to seat any number of guests.

The majority of our lounge furniture is available in classic white and black, however, any of our sofas, ottomans and chairs can be reupholstered in custom colors to suit your theme should this be a requirement.

Our range of lounge furniture is custom made and maintained, with the greatest care, by our internal design and manufacturing department, ensuring any furniture hired is always in tip-top condition.

Our extremely well qualified crew, will also ensure that every aspect of your event set-up runs smoothly from concept through to on-the-ground implementation.

Our dedicated design team have the experience and expertise to realize any vision you have, and we use the latest 3D modelling software to offer a full virtual representation of your choice of venue, fully furnished with a consistent theme to your specifications. This allows us to discuss any aspect that needs to be adjusted without incurring additional costs or stretching deadlines, all part of our complete hiring solution.

Browse our site to see our collection of furniture and accessories for hire, that includes exclusive pallet furniture, DJ boxes cocktail and lounge furniture and more, then fill out our Quick Enquiry form or call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss any aspect of events furniture and infrastructure with you.

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